Saturday, May 12, 2007

No One's a Know it All

As a self-admitted perfectionist ( who doesn't want to be) This article by Lindsay Pollack really struck a chord. So here it is:

"Attention fellow overachieving perfectionists: No one expects you to know everything.

There is no way that you can have the answers to absolutely all of the questions you’ll face throughout your career. And even if you could, with the speed of life today, new dilemmas are popping up all the time. Plus, every industry has different rules and protocols and every region of the country has its own set of standard practices. With so much variation, how can you make sure you’re doing the right thing in any given situation?

When in doubt, ask.

There is no situation too small to ask a few trusted friends or advisers for guidance or reassurance. Not sure whether that blouse you’re planning to wear to a job interview is a little too low-cut? Try it on for a few people and ask for their honest opinions. Concerned that a networking email you’re writing may not be properly worded? Send it to a few reliable friends or colleagues (or fellow DWC members!) for approval and editing before you send it to your contact.

Taking just a few minutes or hours to get more feedback and advice can mean the difference between winning and losing an opportunity. And you’ll hear feedback from a friendly source rather than a boss or customer.

Whether you're starting a business, looking for a new job or attempting to balance work and family, there will be lots of decisions you can’t make on your own, and situations in which you can’t know the right answer without asking someone with more experience, more savvy or more chutzpah."

When in doubt, ask. The world is your focus group.
- Lindsey Pollak