Sunday, May 3, 2009

Must Do ! Primerica Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)

Yesterday, I was at the National Woman's Show where I spent some time at the Primerica booth talking to a representative who was telling me about this great complimentary (that's right FREE) Financial Needs Analysis that they do for people. Primerica will go over your financial situation and create a plan that works for you.

Who is this for?

Anyone with children, Anyone with debt, Anyone that plans on retiring, ANYONE.

What Can it Help you With?

Debt Elimination, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning, Education Planning.

How do I get started?

Make an appointement; search your local listings for a financial services representative near you.Bring the Following information as listed on the Primerica website:

  • Your latest Pay stub
  • All savings and investment account statements
  • Company benefit statements
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Education Savings Statements
  • Financial Aide and tution amounts
  • Mortgage documents
  • Loan and Credit Card Statements

You owe it to yourself to take advantage of this complimentary service. In these tough economic times it is more important than ever to find out where you stand and how you can improve your financial situation.


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