Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shopping Secrets from Shop Smart Magazine

  1. Try it on, then go online
  2. Ask for freebies
  3. Always check return costs, especially for large items
  4. Put sale items on hold
  5. Give used cars the twice over
  6. Google "promotion code" before you buy
  7. Don't buy electronics based on the features alone
  8. Haggle with the doctor
  9. Print coupons before you hit outlets
  10. Keep reading the ads even after you buy
  11. Don't shop when you're exhausted
  12. Check e-bay first
  13. Stock up on pet food
  14. Think twice about final sale items
  15. Find a supermarket the price matches
  16. Always check receipts
  17. Look good and spend less
  18. Get software for less
  19. If it's a bargain grab it
  20. Always try to haggle
  21. Get advance notice of sales
  22. Check your insurance plan for discounts

For detail on all the items on this list and more just click this link: http://